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Web based transcription saves time, improves efficiency and reduce cost.

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Medical & Legal Transcription / Report & Letter Typing - Simple. Secure. Cost-effective.

Australasian Transcription Services (ATS) is an Australian owned company created to provide web-based transcription services to the legal and medical community in Australia.

We are dedicated to the needs of physicians, lawyers, university students and research organisations at very competitive prices.

  • Our vision is to become the premier provider of transcription services in Australia through building long-term relationships with the medical and legal fraternity. We will do this by providing quality service and customer support and exceptional value for money.

  • Our people are selected for their passionate attitude to customer service, and then trained in relationship management skills before approaching health and legal professionals.

  • Our Transcriptionists are fully trained in transcription in-house so that the quality of our graduates can be constantly monitored. Our training program is an intensive course specially designed to produce highly skilled and motivated Transcribers.

So, regardless of whether you are a medical centre or legal firm, a marketing company that transcribes focus groups sessions, or a university student requiring transcription of recorded interviews, all can benefit from the significant savings offered by outsourcing your transcription requirements to ATS.