Transcription Services

Benefits of Using ATS for your Transcription Needs

ATS is a wholly owned Australian company specifically created to service the medical and Legal fraternity in Australia.

Excellent customer service

ATS has built its reputation on excellent customer service. We work with you to ensure you are happy and are gaining the best value for money. We are available to assist you at any time, via e-mail or telephone, and we often visit our customers should they have any difficulty in setting up our software for upload or download.

Typically, we monitor your account for 3 months to gauge your volumes and (with your permission) transfer you to our most suitable pricing plan to ensure you receive the best discounts.


Our services are totally secure as we use 128bit encryption, which is also used by the banking and government institutions in Australia and across the world. Once your report is dictated, the information is sent to our secure Web Server for transcription. Once transcribed, the document cannot be saved on the Transcribers' PC, thereby providing you with additional security and peace of mind.


ATS conforms to all Australian National Privacy Principals so you can rest assured your information is treated with the greatest care.

Real-time monitoring of report progress

Our Website will provide real-time monitoring of progress and the retrieval of your transcribed document is quick and easy. You are also offered your original dictation attached to your completed document so that you can check that our transcribers have indeed typed exactly what you have dictated.

Real-time monitoring of transcription account

Because our pricing strategy is simple and complete, you will have no ambiguity about your monthly account. Our website provides you with real-time access to your account so that you can see at any time what your transcription charges are and what your expected monthly account will contain.

Competitive pricing

ATS offers its web-based transcription at prices significantly less than employing a permanent typist. Savings of 15% to 30% have been realised with our service. ATS also offers significant discounts based on volume, which means the more dictations you send us, the more you can potentially save.

Off-Line document management software

For larger medical and legal practices, medical centres and larger legal firms, ATS offers a sophisticated software package that enables quick and easy uploading of dictations and the automatic download of transcribed documents including archival and retrieval facilities.

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