Transcription Services

How does it work?

Uploading your dictated letters or reports is simplicity itself:

We will install our exclusive software on each PC (or your typist's PC if you prefer her or him to upload on your behalf), which will enable quick and easy uploading of dictated letters and reports.

The process described

  1. Dictate your letters using a Digital Voice Recorder or directly into ATS's telephone dictation system.
  2. Using our exclusive and secure software, you can easily upload the dictation to our website. (Not required when using ATS's telephone system).
  3. Our Transcribers download your dictations, and then transcribe your letters or reports.
  4. Once finished, your completed documents are loaded onto ATS's secure website.
  5. Log on to our website using your secure user-name and password to retrieve your completed documents.

Telephone Dictations

ATS also offers a Telephone dictation system, which will allow physicians to dictate from any touch-tone telephone.

Simply dial a toll free telephone number, dial in your user 'Author ID' and 'Facility ID' and dictate your referral letters directly into the telephone. The physician can then download the completed document from the website. This process does not require a Digital Voice Recorder.

Monitor your progress on line

Once your dictations are uploaded, you can monitor its progress via our website. We will provide you with your own user name and password (one per user) and you can check and download your completed documents at your convenience. This is available for both the Telephone dictation system and the Digital Voice Recorder service.

The website also provides you with real-time information on your spend, so that you can manage your typing costs with confidence.

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