Typical In-House Costs Costs (P.A)
Salary ($18.00 per hour) $37,440
Super (9% of salary) $3,370
Payroll Tax (5% of salary) $1,872
Work Cover (2.5% of salary) $936
Temps ($25 per hour; 20 days pa) $4,000
Misc (advertising, training, etc) $2,400
Depreciation, infrastructure, training etc (3%) $1,123
Total $51,141
Convert to Cost per line $0.43



We use the standard Medical Transcription measurement of line count to charge for our services. This 'per line' charge is used by the most of the Transcription industry and we find this to be the most cost effective way to bill our clients. You only pay for what we type, and you can easily check and verify these line counts via our secure web site.

Our line count is calculated by using a 65-character line and a collapsed line count (not a line as you see typed on a page). Our system removes most formatting from the completed document, then calculates the total number of characters, and divides it by 65 to find the actual line count in that document.

You are then charged at an agreed rate for the transcription on a per line basis. This ensures you only pay for the actual keystrokes and not for blank spaces in your documents.

We provide a full break down of line counts and cost per completed report (including time and date stamps). This information is always available on our secure website. Our system is flexible enough to charge you by the page, or by the completed report should you prefer. In this case, we will need to examine a sample of your completed reports to tailor the best pricing plan for you.

Comparing Web Based transcription to your current costs

When comparing what you currently pay to prepare your correspondence, it is worth considering the two major costs; salaries and on-costs. Most medical and legal firms include transcription costs in the following categories and these should be incorporated into your cost analysis:

  • Salaries
  • Payroll tax
  • Superannuation
  • Workers' compensation
  • Relief and temporary typists and its associated costs
  • Equipment maintenance and repair (transcription system, computers, copiers, etc.)
  • New equipment costs (new hardware, software, etc.)
  • Employee continuing education and training
  • Depreciation (office and computer equipment)

Using our experience, and only including some of the costs shown above, we've compiled a small table that gives you an idea of what, potentially, an in-house typist might be costing you per annum. (It assumes the typist produces about 120,000 lines of typing per year.)

We have calculated an annual cost and converted it to a cost per line for easy comparison.

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